Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My first post!

Okay ya'll, I think I should tell you guys a little about myself! My name is Maria, I live in Texas and recently, I've really gotten into couponing! I really enjoy it, and I mean, I knew there were coupons and what not, but I guess I never really thought about pairing it up with a good deal, and so now I think I should and tell you guys about it as well!

I started couponing and going on my scavenger hunts a few months ago at walgreens, and since then have drawers of stuff full of things I actually USE.

Okay, back to me. I'm 20, I live at home with my parents while my husband and I are saving up to buy a house or an apartment or..something. Anyways, we are trying to save as much stuff as we can, but I am also trying to buy things that will be able to go in our new home when we move out because we will be needing things, and we can't just start buying things RIGHT when we need them. Thats the best way to get LESS for your money, is buying things when you need them right then and there. Its always better to go for a good sale and save things for later when you will need them. I mean, if you get something for cheaper..it doesn't make it any less valuable am I correct? ;)

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