Sunday, April 4, 2010

free kotex!

kotex Pictures, Images and Photos

U by Kotex Feminine Care is for 3.49 at walgreens this week, and you will be getting back
Get $2.50 RRs...sooo...

by using this coupon:

you will get a dollar off one kotex..making them free at walgreens this week!

This is a new line of kotex, so I'm fine with trying something new, especially if its for free.

however, i do LOVE this commercial for it!

i love photo week :)

walgreens Pictures, Images and Photos I only ONCE got the 8x10 picture from walgreens for free in february and i am HOOKED. so im super stoaked that another one has come up.

Walgreens is having a week's worth of photo deals starting today, April 4. They'll go through April 10. Here's the list:

Sunday: 9 cent photos online with the code MAIL9. Instore, you can get $7.99 ink refills with this coupon.

Monday: Free second set of prints from roll, with this coupon.

Tuesday: $1.99 11x14 poster with this coupon.

Wednesday: 20 free 4x6 prints with this coupon.

Thursday: 80% off 4x6, 5x7, and 8x11 collage prints with this coupon.

Friday: Free 8x10 with this coupon.

Saturday: $8.99 prints from a roll with this coupon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

how I'm going to have a good tomorrow--


Pair it with:

and get it for less! I'm going mostly to buy some polo's for my husband, but maybe one or two for me as well ;)

This really is a great deal, even though I only have one old navy near me, if you consider near being twenty minutes away..

CVS made my made my good friday a REALLY good friday!

I woke up this morning and went on my laptop and saw that there was a survey from CVS in my email! Needless to say, I rushed somewhere where there was a printer (thankfully my brother had one with ink in it!) and did the survey and GOT WHAAATT?!



This most DEF made my day, fo real :)

Someone is going to be racking in those lipton tea bags 2/$5 TODAY baby! ;)

and i also cant WAIT for my ecb from the recipient to print out as well!

my good deed of the day--

Okay, so not EVERYONE and their mothers knows about this yet--so I'll let you in on a little secret..

you know the ducolax and the saline spray and the dove and all that good stuff is on sale and have AMAZ-ZING register rewards this week..but did you know..

**drumroll please**

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean is on sale as well..for $7.99

which is not TOO bad, its usually around ten dollas, but I myself would not pay 8 dollars for something like that BUT when you make a match made in heaven and pair up the $2 RR AND the FIVE (YES, ITS NOT A TYPO) THE FIVE dollar coupon over here:

You'll get this for a dollar after the coupons and RR!! And yes, it is worthy of two exclamation points :D

whats better you ask? dont fear, maria is here! (okay that was corny) but ill let you can send this in for the $5 rebate and its a totallll money maker :) be sure to buy three of them though!

free recycle-able bags!

Okay ya'll..I know not EVERYONE was able to get on the 3/$1 recyclable bags at Wags last week (I got them, but I always forget them at home! maybe start leaving them in the car..?), but if you dont have any, go to

because you can score a bag tomorrow (april the 3rd) at noon for free! And btw, earthbound is amazing, so when some coupons that are amazing come out, i will let you know! keep it real :)